YouLiveOnlyTwice is Luc!

     I have been on the road for over 10 years, so far living in 6 different countries, amassing tons of photos along the way. This website is a showcase of my travel photography from the past decade. It also has a blog written in Polish. I am a traveling photographer who started out shooting landscapes and then naturally shifted to travel and other genres of photography. Of all of the kinds of photography I do travel is definitely the most exciting one – a relaxed meditation on being present here and now. Feeling good. My traveling style is different from the usual – instead of visiting many countries briefly, I like to go and live in a place for a year or so. That’s what I have been mostly doing since I started traveling in my early twenties. You certainly get to know people and the culture better if you stay longer and let yourself sink in. I speak five languages which helps a bunch! As a linguist I find pleasure in studying accents, words and languages. I have been writing for travel magazines and websites publishing my photos and texts for a longer while – it was time to set up one of my own after a decade.

     What I like most about traveling is, rather than a destination, the actual feeling of being on the move and then those wonderful moments of bliss that happen randomly on the road, quite often at sunrise. Photography comes naturally with it and many times serves as the initial motivation for a trip becoming the crucial part that everything else revolves around. This often happens when I travel solo, which I like and do a lot.

     I currently live in New York. It was here not long ago that I broke my 10 year old record of staying in any one place for longer than 10 months. Something that hadn’t happened since I set off on the road at the age of 20.